Fritz Mueller

Fritz-Mueller-IMG_4817Director/DP Fritz Mueller came to the Yukon as a research scientist working on his graduate thesis and has worked across the North as a biologist and photographer. For over two decades he’s been chasing stories across Canada’s North, focusing his lens on a wide range of subjects from migrating caribou to national parks to indigenous communities. Fritz has been the official Adäka photographer since the festival’s inaugural year. He’s a Fellow of the Royal Canadian Geographical Society and a member of Screen Production Yukon Association, Yukon Film Society, DOC and European Documentary Network. His second TV documentary, Aurora Love, is in post-production.

Teresa Earle

Teresa-Earle-MG_6806_x2000Producer, editor and writer Teresa Earle is completing two documentaries and two digital media properties filmed in the North. She is a seasoned creative professional with 20 years of experience producing projects as diverse as videos, books, websites and exhibits. Teresa is a member of DOC, Women in Film + TV Vancouver, Yukon Film Society, and she is a board member of Screen Production Yukon Assn. Teresa and Fritz are partners in Sagafish Media.

Jordy Walker

jordy photoJordy is a versatile composer, producer, sound artist, sound designer and multi-instrumentalist. His talents are featured in all of Sagafish Media’s screen media projects. Jordy’s roots are in jazz and classical guitar, his approach combines creative invention with a knowledge of tradition. His works have been featured in dance and theatrical productions, documentaries and short films for the likes of CBC, NFB, Discovery Channel and HIFI. Jordy has performed and/or recorded with Mary Margeret O’Hara, Christine Fellows, Veda Hille, Oliver Schroer, Tanya Tagaq, Michael Feuerstack, Richard Reed Parry, Little Scream and others.

Jenn Strom

JennStrom_bioPic_2016Jenn is a director, editor and mixed-media animator in Vancouver, BC. She worked as an editor on Marie Clements’ The Road Forward, John Bolton’s Debris, Katherine Monk’s Rock the Box, among other films, and she co-edited Sagafish Media’s Journeys to Adäka. She is also a promo producer/editor for Knowledge Network and BBC Kids. Two of her mixed media shorts are part of the Knowledge program 12 Takes, which was nominated for a Gemini Award for Best Arts Documentary Program. A visual artist and VFS New Media alumni, Jenn has been making films with a focus on arts and culture for 20 years.

Yukon First Nation Culture and Tourism Association

Journeys to Adäka is the result of a decade of collaborations between YFNCT, the film’s director and producer, and Yukon’s indigenous artists, performers and culture bearers. In addition to making a funding commitment, YFNCT’s president, board members, and executive director served as advisors and partners in the making of the documentary. The organization supports Yukon First Nations artists, performers, cultural centres and tourism entrepreneurs, and also presents the Adäka Cultural Festival, a world-class multi-disciplinary cultural festival held every summer at the Kwänlin Dun Cultural Centre in Whitehorse.